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Karen Rose Kingsbury

Transformative or transformational travel is all about how travel permanently affects you. From long-term solo travel that encourages grit, strength and stamina to travel that improves our mental health with time spent in nature, away from the heavy burdens of day-to-day life.

Transform Me Travel will help you discover the many faces of transformative travel and encourage you to make positive life changes today.

Transformative Travel in Tasmania Australia
Letters in the sand on Friendly Beaches in Tasmania

Our Transformative Travel Section

Whether you’re completely new to the idea of transformational travel or someone who has already benefitted from such travel experiences in their life, we’ve got the transformative travel blogs for you.

Choose from:

  • INSPIRING TRAVEL STORIES – Sit back and enjoy informative travel interviews with inspirational pioneers and travellers
  • REAL TRAVEL DIARIES – Karen’s handwritten, honest and thought-provoking travel journals – COMING SOON!
  • SOLO TRAVEL – Connect with communities, nature and you with our super handy and encouraging solo travel articles
  • SCHOOL OF THE WORLD – Find influential and historical destinations that are unmissable if you seek education through travel
  • MENTAL HEALTH & TRAVEL – Find your journey of self discovery and self love through the incredible power of travel
Transformative Travel in Auschwitz Poland
Auschwitz, Poland

Read more Transformative Travel blogs today.

Transformational Travel Writing

Transform Me Travel is so excited to support the transformative and transformational travel trend. For years, travel has felt extremely transformational to us and now we have a way to share it with others. We can provide:

  • Transformational travel tour and holiday reviews
  • Transformative travel themed blogs
  • Travel recommendations for anyone seeking a transformational experience

If you’re looking for an experienced Travel Writer for a transformative article, get in touch using our Contact Page now.

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