Second Hand Travel Books

These are our favourite travel books for planning trips, learning about a place and journalling our adventures. Please consider buying second hand travel books; this option is called ‘used’ and is easy to find when purchasing a book on Amazon.

When you choose to buy second hand, you directly help reduce demand and therefore waste.

Outdoor Adventure Travel Books


Outdoor Books for the U.K.


Trees and Treehouse Books


Responsible Travel Books

Transformative Travel Books

Books for Australia


Books for Asia


Books for Europe


Map Books

Eco Travel Journals

We’re always learning about our consumer impact and encourage you to be open to learning about yours too. We promise to only ever share products that we have purchased or would purchase in the future.

Have you got great second hand travel books to share with us? We love finding the perfect book for our next adventure. Get in touch using the Contact page to share your recommendation with us or to have your travel book featured on this page.