7 Vegan Picnic Ideas with The Natural Essex Girl

7 Vegan Picnic Ideas

One of our favourite things about outdoor adventures is eating al fresco. Whilst beautiful restaurant balconies or quaint pub gardens are nice, eating in nature is taken to the next level with a humble picnic. If you’re keen to travel vegan, read on to discover our top seven vegan picnic ideas.

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Vegan Picnic Ideas UK

If you are travelling within the U.K. you’ll find plenty of ideal vegan picnic spots. There are more than 1500 beaches in the UK and Ireland alongside a vast range of woodlands, mountains and lakes to explore.

Our top vegan picnic ideas featured in this blog are all possible to create within the U.K. We’ll show you some family favourites that you might not know were vegan and help you find the best online vegan supermarket to order more specialist things too.

Read on to discover our top seven vegan picnic ideas.

Vegan Picnic Snacks

There is so much variety available when it comes to vegan picnic snacks. Some of our most regular go-to’s include savoury crackers, healthy nuts and cheeky biscuits. We also love fruity sweets, indulgent chocolate, dried fruit, fresh fruit and much, much more.

You’ll find many of our favourite vegan picnic snacks featured in this blog, including where to buy vegan snacks and how to prepare for a cutlery-free picnic. So, let’s get out there with these vegan picnic ideas, suitable for all kinds of vegan (and non-vegan) eaters!

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Our Top 7 Vegan Picnic Ideas

If you are preparing a vegan picnic, these seven different meal ideas will help you enjoy a hassle-free, healthy picnic. All foods featured are available in the U.K. Plus! Look out for our handy Top Tips! as you go along.

1. Build Your Own Crackers

Many savoury crackers are vegan. We love Ritz crackers because they’re a simple, family favourite that are moist enough without the need for butter. If you want to enjoy something with a little more flavour, try these Deliciously Ella Chickpea and Paprika crackers.

To accompany our crackers we prepare cucumber slices, small squares of vegan cheese, chopped cherry tomatoes and sliced olives too.

Top Tip! Store your hard picnic items like crackers away from your softer picnic items like cucumber. This will help your picnic stay fresh and delicious.

2. Bread and Wine

This classic picnic idea is probably the easiest one to prepare yet it feels sophisticated and romantic. Many great wines are vegan. We love a New Zealand Pinot Noir or if you are looking for an alcohol free option, you could try this vegan sparkling rose wine.

Breads like French baguettes and other plain loaves are typically vegan. When it comes to more exciting bread options, check the ingredients for milk, butter or cheese. If you choose a plain bread, consider adding a dip to this simple ensemble, like a classic hummus or vegan aioli.

Top Tip! Choose a bread you can simply tear and share to avoid the need to carry knives or other cutlery. There’s something beautiful about tearing bread with friends.

3. Indian Pick-nic

If pick-y food is your thing, take a peek at the vegan party options available in most frozen food sections. Simply pop them in the oven, box them once cool and enjoy out and about on your vegan picnic.

We prefer to theme our pick-nics made of delicious party food and our absolute favourite is an Indian themed one. We bake and box vegetable samosas, onion bhajis and chapatis for this picnic. Why not add refreshing salad items too, along with a cooling vegan dip made from coconut yoghurt.

Top Tip! Reusable tuppaware is a picnic-lovers best friend. We recommend you choose plastic free lunch boxes if you are buying new. Wherever possible, use what you already have. We regularly up-cycle plastic takeaway pots for our vegan picnic adventures.

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4. Fruit Medley

On a hot summer day, no picnic is better than ripe and delicious, refreshing and hydrating local fruit! We box cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries and watermelon on a fruit medley picnic. Add anything you like! Have a colour theme or just go wild.

This vegan picnic idea is great if you don’t need a full meal but want to enjoy a little sweetness in picnic-style outdoors. If you need a full meal, use one of the other vegan picnic ideas in this blog and add the fruit medley in as a dessert.

Top Tip! Save yourself some hassle by pre-chopping your picnic fruits. I like to separate orange segments, chop melons and de-head strawberry stems. By being a little prepared, you’ll create less waste to have to carry home or need to find a bin for.

5. Rainbow Sandwiches

The most traditional picnic item: the sandwich. Eating vegan can rule out a lot of sandwich fillings but don’t despair. These vegan rainbow sandwiches cover some traditional fillings in a vegan way and their super bright and colourful for a summer picnic.

Make your sandwiches as close to your adventure as possible to keep them tasting fresh and delicious. Experiment with different breads or even cutting the sandwiches into fun shapes too!

Top Tip! Upgrade this vegan picnic idea to a vegan afternoon tea by adding in some delicious homemade vegan scones and jam.

By making a purchase from one of the links inย this blog, a small portion of the money you spend goes to Transform Me Travel. Thank you for supporting our small business.

6. Dippers and Hummus

One of the easiest vegan picnics to prepare; purchase (or make your own) hummus, chop a variety of dipper sticks and off you go. This option is excellent for sharing.

We like to prepare a variety of colours when enjoying dippers and hummus. Try carrot, yellow pepper, cucumber, red pepper, celery, orange pepper and mange tout. Why not add in plain bread sticks or these Thai Chilli Sweet Potato Veg Sticks for a bit more fun.

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Top Tip! Hummus isn’t nice when it’s warm so if you are enjoying this vegan picnic idea in hot summer heat waves, consider carrying a small reusable ice block to keep your hummus tasty and fresh.

7. Child’s Play

We call this final vegan picnic idea ‘Child’s Play’ because it reminds us of going to birthday parties and eating all the things that don’t really constitute a meal at once.

Prepare some vegan sausage rolls and once cooled, box them for your picnic. Add a variety of vegan biscuits and sweets like Jammy Dodgers, Oreos, Skittles, Party Rings, Fruit Pastels, Biscoff and more.

Get children involved in picking the biscuits they want to take on their picnic. You can also make it easier for little fingers (and lazy adults) to enjoy this picnic cutlery-free if you chop vegan sausage rolls into bite-size finger food.

Top Tip! There is a brilliant range of vegan snacks and treats available to buy online at The Vegan Kind Supermarket. Our favourites for picnics include: vegan marshmallows, vegan croissants and hummus chips.

TheVeganKind Supermarket

Vegan Picnic Ideas

Picnics allow you to stop as often as you like, find the spots that really suit you and get you fully immersed in your natural surroundings. Let us know if you try one of these vegan picnic ideas on your next outdoor adventure.

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