Best Yoga Retreat in Croatia

Fige Yoga Retreat in Croatia

In this interview with Founder Sasha Dakic, learn about Fige Yoga Retreat in Croatia. We ask Sasha what inspired her creation, her dreams for its future and what you can expect when you attend one of the retreats.

Fige Yoga Adventures (FYA) with Sasha Dakic

At Transform Me Travel we are super passionate about ecotourism and stories from inspiring women travellers and entrepreneurs. We believe in promoting sustainable, regenerative and transformative travel by sharing personal stories from travellers we admire who are doing something cool in the travel industry.

By doing so, we hope to inspire more travellers to choose eco-conscious destinations, tours and companies for their holidays. This month, we have teamed up with Sasha Dakic, a yoga instructor building a small business in beautiful locations in Croatia, and asked her a series of questions to better understand what she does.

Read on to learn more about the best yoga retreat in Croatia, the transformative journey that brought Sasha here and how you can enjoy a Fige Yoga Adventure yourself. 

Photographer: Miroslav Dilberovic 

1. Where exactly in the world are you and how did you get there?

My name is Sasha and I am from Croatia, but for many years I was a tour guide and I lived the wonderful travelling life. I lived out of my backpack, whilst also practicing yoga which helped me to stay focused and disciplined on my travels. 

One year ago, I started Fige Yoga Adventure® (FYA). I seek out beautiful villas in different locations in Croatia, organise a programme of activities for our guests and invite excellent yoga teachers too. FYA is a mixture of yoga, healthy food and exploring Croatia, so customers get to experience a full package.

2. Tell us more about how you founded Fige Yoga Retreat in Croatia.

You know when two opposites meet and pull out the best in each other?

This is how Fige Yoga Adventures came to be! For many years, I worked as a tour guide and explored the world with my job. I visited amazing locations and learnt of their stories, their patrimony, their local spirits, traditions and people.

This image is from Sasha’s 8 Day Hiking and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Brač Island, Adriatic Sea

In the meantime, I was also rigorously practicing daily yoga to keep my body in good shape and to help me feel energised. Soon, I got the urge to blend my external adventures with my spiritual path … and somewhere in between the concept for Fige Yoga Adventure® was born. I consider my business an extension of my practice and a collection of the travel experience; passionate, deliberate, sincere and light-hearted. 

3. When did you know that this was the right path for you?  

For sure it didn’t come across as a right path; it came to me as the right thing to do – to devote myself to a new adventure. The feeling I had about the new business was a good one, plus I got great feedback and support from my family and friends too.

Travel has a way of transforming what you love and enjoy into something you can share with other people. It also has a way of transforming what you’ve experienced in the past into something you can enjoy in the future.

Best Price Guarantee

Sasha’s FYA yoga retreats in Croatia are available to book online with Tripaneer. We like Tripaneer because of their best price guarantee and friendly and fast customer service too.

4. What do you like most about what you do with your Yoga Retreat in Croatia?  

Most of all, I enjoy organising the retreats and making arrangements with other passionate people; our yoga teachers, chefs and hosts. I also enjoy searching for our beautiful locations and houses, then writing down the program that I believe will suit that space.  

Once I am on retreat, I love to see how this delicate mixture works out practically, how the people connect with the activities and space, as well as what they gain out of the yoga retreat experience. The entire process for me feels extremely enriching.

5. If your phone could ring right now with your dream opportunity for FYA, what would that be?  

I have land in Istria and my dream is to build a retreat centre there with horses, an eco garden and Shala dome. A place where I can invite inspiring people and artists whilst also hosting workshops throughout the entire year. 

I imagine a safe place where people come to regenerate and take a rest from the world. I think people really need it! Don’t you?

This image is from Sasha’s 7 Day Yoga Holiday, visit NP Brijuni and SUP Yoga in Istria.

If the external world and all its challenges have been taking their toll on you, and a yoga retreat in Croatia sounds like your perfect medicine, you may also like Sasha’s 7 Day Yoga, massages & boat trips in Pakleni Islands, Hvar.

6. What do you think people remember most about you and Fige Yoga Retreat in Croatia? 

When it comes to me, I like to think people see my friendliness, empathy and enthusiasm. Regarding what my lovingly built yoga retreats can offer, I want people to feel literally cuddled and held, loved, energised and inspired, both when they are on retreat and as they head back home. 

Tripaneer Unique Experiences

7. What encouraged you to choose the specific locations in Croatia that you host retreats? Do you have a favourite? 

When I worked as a tour guide, I had the opportunity to get know and explore a lot of places in Croatia. The specific locations I chose to use for Fige Yoga retreats are my favourite places here.

All of them have something special to offer our guests. Istria is famous for excellent wines, olive oil, truffles and medieval cities. So, on the yoga retreat in Istria, we take our visitors truffle tasting, wine tasting, into Brijuni National Park and other nearby historical places. 

On the island of Brac yoga retreat, we take boat trips, hiking and visit Golden Cape – the most famous symbol of Croatia. I use my local knowledge and connections with local people here, combined with my spirituality to create the best wellness holidays I can for my guests.  

Take a look at this Fige yoga retreat in Croatia in more detail.

8. Can you share any valuable lessons you learnt on your worldwide travels? 

When I was travelling, I moved around Europe and Southeast Asia, mostly working as a tour guide. When the tours finished, I would usually stay longer to explore the destination – it would be rude not to! My first trip solo was in India where I stayed for two months. In my experience of the world, after you have visited India, you are ready to go anywhere alone. 

The most valuable lesson I learned as a traveller is that people everywhere are just people. Mostly, everyone is kind and willing to help you as a visitor to their country. Sometimes, I see people are scared to travel alone, perhaps because we don’t know what to expect and it is human nature to be scared of the unknown. But for me, I had so many good experiences travelling the world and I believe that most people have good intentions and kind hearts.  

Book with flexible conditions

Need to cancel your trip due to COVID-19? You can reschedule any FYA yoga retreat free of charge or receive store credit for your non-refundable deposit and re-book anytime.

This image is from Sasha’s 8 Day Hiking and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Brač Island, Adriatic Sea

9. Why is Croatia an ideal location for a yoga retreat? 

The more I travelled the world, the more I started to appreciate Croatia and be aware of how beautiful a country it is. Croatia has everything you need for the perfect yoga retreat – beautiful nature, from mountains to crystal clear sea, rich history, delicious and fresh Mediterranean food, and last but not least very relaxed and welcoming people. For me, Croatia is heaven on earth and interestingly, it is still a relatively hidden gem. 

Find more things to do in Croatia here.

10. What do people say about Fige Yoga Retreat in Croatia? 

We love receiving customer feedback about our yoga retreats in Croatia. People often say that the retreats are well organised and that they felt they were in good hands. We are frequently told the retreats are good value for money too. Most of all, I love hearing that people found me and my chosen hosts very friendly and warm to approach. 

This image is from Sasha’s 7 Day Yoga, massages & boat trips in Pakleni Islands, Hvar

Bonus Question. What eco friendly initiatives does Fige Yoga Adventures have? 

At FYA, we always respect responsible travel. We are socially and culturally aware of many eco challenges and trying to make a positive impact on our local community with our retreats. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Collaboration with small entrepreneurs in the area because we believe in supporting local people. 
  • Sanja, our chef, can offer a vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and raw diet on our yoga retreats. This helps us to avoid waste whilst also creating customer satisfaction.
  • All guests on arrival get FYA cotton bags which they can use to help reduce local plastic bags – a small gift from us.
  • Guests are encouraged to use the A/C moderately and to turn it off when they are not in the house.
  • We also encourage the reuse of towels on our yoga retreats in Croatia to cut back on water usage.
  • Considering the fact that tap water in Croatia is very good, I always encourage our guests to avoid buying water in plastic bottles too. 
  • Assistance with buying local food and products instead of imported things wherever possible. We value our local artists and support creative people running small businesses. 
Photographer: Miroslav Dilberovic 

Choose a Yoga Retreat in Croatia

If you are keen to learn more about Sasha’s yoga retreats in Croatia or book one for yourself and a friend, we’ve included some brief details about our favourite three retreats below, including a link to follow to make an online booking.

Choose from:

  1. Hiking and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Brač Island, Adriatic Sea with visits to Blaca Monastery and Golden Cape and a boat trip to Hvar and Pakleni islands.
  2. Yoga Holiday, visit NP Brijuni and SUP Yoga in Istria with a visit to Brijuni National Park, free bicycle use and an outdoor swimming pool.
  3. Yoga, massages & boat trips in Pakleni Islands, Hvar with daily Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama and meditation sessions and one free massage session.

Vegan Friendly Yoga Retreats

Sasha’s FYA yoga retreats in Croatia are available to book online with Tripaneer. We like Tripaneer because of their Vegan and Vegetarian friendly yoga retreats.

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