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25 Authentic Recipes from around the World

Cuisine is a massive part of why we love to travel so this month we’re bringing you delicious and authentic recipes from around the world, inspired by places we love.

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How to enjoy authentic recipes from around the world at home

A friend of ours recently shared that when her and her husband’s holiday was cancelled due to COVID-19, they decided to bring the holiday to them.

Each night they would enjoy a dish inspired by somewhere in the world they love, and even play traditional music as well to transport them into a different world, miles away from home.

25 authentic recipes from around the world

Here are our favourite 25 authentic recipes from around the world for you to try whilst you stay at home. All recipes included in this post are vegan, dairy free options. Enjoy tasting the whole world whilst caring about the world too.

Seville in Spain by Johan Mouchet

1. Spanish Paella

We have a longstanding love affair with Spanish food, particularly dishes that can be enjoyed with the wonderful views afforded to the island of Ibiza.

We were thrilled recently to discover our first vegan paella recipe. It’s so easy to make, a great option for families with children and has that undeniable paella taste we associate with Spain.

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Thailand Long Boats by Sumit Chinchane

2. Thai Massaman Curry

I don’t think we’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like Thai food. Limes, coconut, coriander, chillis and more, Thai food is a great option for anyone looking to be transported to ‘the land of smiles’.

Try this Tofoo Thai Massaman Curry today, one of our go-to authentic recipes from around the world.

3. Glamorgan Sausages

Welsh chef Gaz Oakley shows us how to make vegan Glamorgan sausages in partnership with Visit Wales.

Wales is an ideal destination for lovers of the outdoors. Choose campsites, glamping tents and other great rural accommodation in Wales.

4. Jamaican Curry

Wishing you were in Jamaica right now? Bring the taste of Negril or Kingston into your home with Jhanelle’s vegan take on this classic Jamaican dish which she shares on her website, From The Comfort Of My Bowl.

Jhanelle says “I love travelling, vegan food and travelling for vegan food.” Get her Jamaican Tofu Curry recipe now.

5. Singapore Noodles

If it’s Singapore Noodles you are craving most whilst you stay home, try this easy vegan recipe. Dan and Jess are a husband and wife team who love creating vegan recipes from their travel experiences and different cuisines.

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Mas Tequila in Mexico by Max Bohme

6. Mexican Fajitas

If you’re dreaming of tacos, fajitas and tequila in sunny Mexico, throw on your sombrero and poncho and try these spicy vegan fajitas.

These are part of a rainbow collection of vegan food that The Natural Essex Girl is promoting this summer to get everyone young and old excited about eating plant based and vegan food.

Taj Mahal by Julian Yu

7. Indian Kitchari

The ancient medicine system of India, Ayurveda, is both powerful and life changing. If you are missing this vibrant country, there are many ways to bring the healing power of India into your home.

Try your hand at this Ayurvedic Kitchari recipe from Geeta Vara, author of Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing.

Stay well at home
with Ayurveda

We’ve been reading Ayurveda whilst we stay home during the U.K. lockdown and cannot put it down! Healthy food and herbs plus lifestyle choices and proven practices of ancient medicine are super valuable to all of us, especially now.

Stay well fellow travel buddies!

Shakshuka by The Turkish Foodie

8. Turkish Shakshuka

On his website, Turkish Foodie, Ilke provides historical context to many delicious Turkish dishes, helping readers understand the origin and the cultural practises involved in making each one.

It was really tough to choose just one of his Turkish dishes to feature here. Whilst we recommend you check out the stuffed peppers and eggplant recipes, our favourite Turkish vegan meal to try has to be his Shakshuka.

Nottingham England by Dylan Nolte

9. British Strawberry Crumble

Nothing says British summer time quite like a fruit crumble, a sweet dessert usually served with cream or custard.

Try this strawberry and rhubarb vegan crumble over at The Natural Essex Girl. Strawberries and rhubarb are often paired together because they come into season at the same time.

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Jollof Rice by The Canadian African

10. Ghanaian Jollof Rice

Afia Amoako shares tasty recipes that are easy, cheap and pay homage to her Ghanaian roots on her website The Canadian African. Try her vegan friendly Jollof rice.

Afia says “Jollof Rice has a special place in my heart! If someone asked me what meals I will live on for the rest of my life, I will say Oatmeal and Jollof Rice.”

Hallstatt in Austria by Sorasak

11. Austrian Schnitzel

No matter where we visit in Austria, we love it. Sophie and Paul (from the U.K. and Austria) recently shared with us this vegan schnitzel recipe.

As fellow vegan travellers, they share vegan food from their van adventures in Ronnie over at Vegan on Board. Check out their foraging section, and try this authentic Austrian recipe that they’ve turned vegan.

Mt. Fuji by Manuel Cosentino

12. Japanese Curry

There’s an endless amount of delicious Japanese dishes to try from home. We love this vegan Japanese Curry from Ella’s Harvest.

Ella says “We are a small family of three, with a passion for cooking plant-based meals and gardening. As a family, we are striving to align our lifestyle with our morals.”

Makeni in Sierra Leone by Red Morley Hewitt

13. African Peanut Stew

We are so grateful we recently discovered The Happy Foodie, where Rachel Ama has shared a vegan version of one of her mum’s favourite dishes.

We highly recommend Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats recipe book and her plant based African peanut stew.

Vegan Goulash by My Pure Plants

14. Hungarian Bean Goulash

Dreaming of Hungary? Emese and her family advocate healthy food on their blog, My Pure Plants.

We couldn’t wait to try this traditional Hungarian dish that’s been in her family for years. Get the recipe for Hungarian Bean Goulash now.

Got a recipe to share?

Whether it’s one that helps you travel to somewhere exotic on holiday, or a traditional recipe from your home country, we’d love to try it!

Use the comments section at the bottom of the page to share authentic recipes from around the world.

Colosseum in Rome by Mathew Schwartz

15. Italian Lasagna

Stephanie helps us get a little closer to Italy this month with her mouth-watering Vegan lasagna.

Stephanie says “I am always sharing delicious Italian inspired recipes. I love to ‘veganize’ the recipes from my childhood.”

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Inle Lake in Burma by Julien de Salaberry

16. Burmese Khow Suey

Preethi loves to share what she calls ‘toddler approved’ vegan recipes on Cookin with Pree. She says “I am hoping my recipes help mom’s like me and also for people wanting to become vegan themselves.”

Try her Burmese Khow Suey for a taste of Myanmar.

Krakow by Lucas Albuquerque

17. Polish Pierogi

If you would love to be sitting in Krakow square right now enjoying Polish dumplings, try this vegan recipe changed from the traditional filling by Polish blogger Aleksandra.

Get the full recipe for vegan pierogi on her website, Everyday Delicious.

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Machu Picchu by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

18. Peruvian Ceviche

Lyn loves creating and sharing vegetarian and meatless recipes on her website Cook Eat Live Love. We are so excited to try her vegan Mixto Ceviche.

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Paris by Fabrizio Verrecchia

19. French Croissants

We are so excited to share a recipe for vegan croissants. Yep, VEGAN croissants. Thank you to Linda from Veganosity for this insanely cool recipe on a French classic.

Veganosity say “Right after we switched to a plant-based diet, I remember walking into our favorite coffee shop and stopping short when we realized that we could no longer indulge in this decadent Parisian pastry.

Happily, this is no longer the case! We’ve created a classic vegan croissant with all the air bubbles and flakiness you could want!”

Mekong River in Vietnam by Anne Lin

20. Vietnamese Summer Rolls

If you’re dreaming of Vietnam’s waterways and delicious food, Two Passports One Journey have this amazing Vietnamese summer rolls recipe.

Linda and Abdurrahman say “No matter where you call home or where your travel takes you, the world is full of delicious dishes which do not contain meat.”

Vegan Banosh by Slavic Vegan

21. Ukranian Banosh

This recipe comes from Anastacia who is living in Ukraine. She says “I like to create delicious vegan recipes based on my experience with a slavic touch.”

Try her vegan Banosh recipe now.

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Glenfinnan in Scotland by Jack Anstey

22. Scottish Shortbread

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish biscuit that’s not normally vegan. Luckily, Chloe shares this delicious sweet treat in a vegan way at Baked By Clo.

Try her vegan shortbread cookies today.

Authentic recipes
from around the world

Have you got an authentic recipe you and your family love?
Share it with us and our readers in the comments below.

Luxor in Egypt by Mo Gabrail

23. Egyptian Flatbread

Sandhya recently shared this Egyptian flatbread recipe with us. She tells us what Aish Baladi means.

“It literally means bread of life. That is how the Egyptians looked at bread. This is one of the very ancient forms of traditional bread in the Egyptian culture. ‘Baladi’ means traditional and ‘Aish’ means life.

Most of the Arabic speaking country use the word ‘Khobz’ for bread, but since the Egyptians have a very special place for the bread in their life, they call it the Aish Baladi.”

24. Estonian Cheesecake

Nele is from Estonia and wants you to taste this raw Estonian cheesecake that she created as a vegan alternative to the more traditional recipe.

Be inspired with our favourite European destinations.

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25. Cook with the Experts

If you would prefer to get taught how to cook authentic recipes from around the world by a local expert, Tripaneer are currently offering a wide range of online cooking courses.

Choose your favourite cuisine or international destination, then purchase a virtual cooking class or course that you can enjoy from your own home.

Did you know?

By purchasing an online cooking course, you are directly helping a local business that has suffered financial loss due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Welcome sign by Tim Mossholder

We want to say a huge thank you to all the vegan bloggers and vegan travel bloggers who participated in the making of this article.

Whether you’re in your home country dreaming of far flung destinations, or currently in a place that isn’t home looking for a comforting familiarity, authentic recipes from around the world help to connect us all to the places we love … until we are able to visit them again.

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