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Getting To Know Bali – An Ubud Eco Trek

“Some places just feel right” – Karen Rose

Bali, Indonesia

We recently visited Bali and were desperate to avoid the tourist traps and commercial crowds. We based ourselves in serene Ubud which didn’t disappoint and the Rice Paddy / Village / Eco Nature Walk with Bali Eco Tours helped us get to know the local area more personally. Here you can learn all about the itinerary, the best bits about this tour and how easy it is to prepare for.

Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Smiling Buddha in rural Ubud Bali

What’s the itinerary?

A local English speaking and passionate guide will share knowledge of the area surrounding Ubud, its plants and how these intertwine with Balinese society. Your feet will pass through sacred temples, an isolated waterfall and those stunning rice paddies Ubud is famous for. On your journey, you will rest at a local house where traditional sweets and coconut water will be the fuel you need to continue your trek. At the end of the tour, relax with your Balinese foot massage and then enjoy lunch overlooking the lush surrounding rainforest. Pick up and drop off from your accommodation in Ubud is included.

If you are visiting Ubud soon, we highly recommend a stay at B. Saya Villas.

Why should you choose this tour?

This tour allows you to get up close and personal with local Bali in an environmentally and culturally respectful way. Your guide will provide you with a sarong and sash for visiting temples that simply goes over your own clothes. You will have access to paths between the rice fields and temples that not everyone can reach with the company’s special local agreements. Perhaps best of all, your purchase helps local people to work in responsible tourism and share their unique and spiritual culture with visitors. In the company’s own words: ‘This tour is not just an adventure, but a cultural, ecological, culinary and learning experience designed to show visitors the Bali they want to see.’

Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Views of rice paddies in Ubud Bali

What was our ‘best bit?’

We chose this tour because we wanted to learn about rice farming and visit the picture-perfect paddies on foot. There’s something very special about sharing the small paths accessed by farmers and seeing them go about their daily chores in order to yield their crops. Your guide will explain the full process of growing rice from start to finish and you will be able to fully understand how this vital industry connects with the lives of local people.

Another great bonus for us was the ease with which the company offered to cater for veganism. All the snacks provided during the tour were local, fresh and plant-based, and our lunch was easily adapted to a vegan meal, with Indonesian items such as tempeh, tropical fruits and of course rice, featuring proudly.

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How should you prepare for this tour?

We were advised to wear good walking shoes or trainers but actually found that flip flops were ideal because it was easier to slip them on and off at temple stops and when we swam in the waterfall (don’t forget swimwear and towel). The ground is muddy underfoot in places so can be slippery and the track is not always clear so consider closed shoes and long trousers if this concerns you. We wore shorts and had bare toes and enjoyed the grass tickling our feet and legs.

Green Travel Inspiration with Transform Me Travel

Consider bringing an eco-friendly bug spray for small midges and mosquitos around the water, and take a hat for the open sections of the tour amongst the rice fields. If you need to use suncream, choose a non-toxic one so that harmful chemicals don’t enter these extremely valuable water systems. Your guide will provide drinking water, snacks and a meal so there is no need to carry any food or drink, although we highly recommend you refuse the plastic bottles provided and bring your own reusable one instead. One-use plastics are a huge concern for Bali, especially for rice farmers who find incorrectly disposed plastic waste in their water streams, clogging up their fields and harming their crops.

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Is there anything else you should know?

This tour costs $38pp. If a group of people do not book your date, the company will offer you a private tour instead, which will cost $65pp for two people. The private tour is well worth the money and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. This company also offers cycle tours amongst other outdoor adventures, all of which can be found on their website, at the bottom of this page.

We save money on safe drinking water by travelling with a Water-to-Go bottle.

The tour involves approximately four hours of walking on various terrain including steps, mud and long grass. This tour is ideal for nature lovers who don’t mind getting their feet wet and their hands dirty, literally.

Book your Ubud Eco Trek with Bali Eco Tours today.

If you would prefer to enjoy a more spiritual Ubud experience, we highly recommend the Bali Eat Pray Love Tour.

Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Gifts and Statues in Balinese Temples

Eco-tours are becoming increasingly popular as more travellers become aware of their personal impact and the conscious ways in which we are able to travel. If you’re going to visit an area as plentiful and picturesque as Bali, get into the countryside and meet the farmers, get into the villages to meet the local people and step into nature to truly recharge your batteries. Thank you very much to our wonderful tour guide Gustu for looking after us so very well and helping us to get acquainted with Balinese culture and local Ubud. For sure, we will return!

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Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost

15 thoughts on “Getting To Know Bali – An Ubud Eco Trek

  1. Karen, this sounds brilliant!

    I looove exploring rice fields (I used to live in Japan, so I loved seeing all the fish and bugs that live within those fields, especially in spring!) That food and waterfall all look perfect too! I really hope I’ll get to visit Bali one day so I’ll keep this in mind. Eco treks are the best kind of tours!!


    1. When you go, you must do this tour. It was the highlight of our trip 💚 we will be getting some discount codes from the tour operator soon too 😍 so keep your eyes peeled for new social media posts on our Instagram page and Facebook page!


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