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London By Air – A Helicopter Tour

“There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere” – Vivienne Westwood

London, England

London is a super special place. Full of charisma and chaos, it’s one of the best cities in the world to explore as a local or a visitor. We never tire of our capital city and consider ourselves very fortunate to live under an hour from this cosmopolitan part of England. One of the things we’ve experienced recently and loved is a helicopter tour above London to get a bird’s eye view of the areas we know so well. Here you can find details about this helicopter tour with VVB Aviation, why we chose it and what else there is to enjoy nearby.

Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
The View of London From The Helicopter

What’s included in this tour?

VVB Aviation in Hertfordshire offers 30-minute pleasure flights over the city of London. During your flight, you travel along the Thames, giving you a wonderful visual display of some of London’s most iconic buildings. Capture a bird’s eye view of the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, O2, the Shard and the Gherkin, to name a few, before looping back towards the Hertfordshire base. The helicopter seats 4 people with one person being able to sit up front with the pilot.

Why should you choose to see London by air?

London is a city full of iconic landmarks, many of which are impressively tall buildings. Seeing these on foot is one thing, but seeing them from the air and being able to take photos and videos that show them off against their surroundings, is something else. A helicopter tour is a great way to see so many distinctive locations in London within the space of 30 minutes! That is definitely something you cannot do on foot, or even in a taxi or tour bus. This helicopter tour is ideal for couples, singles and small groups who want to take in a different view of the city.

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What was our ‘best bit’?

The best bit about this tour is the view of the Thames snaking through the buildings of London. The Thames is not all that picturesque, being a murky grey colour, but a bird’s eye view really sets off this prominent and unique feature of London and the way it winds through the city. We also really loved trying to spot iconic buildings before someone else and working out our bearings and what might come into view next.

What else can you enjoy nearby?

This tour is super short so it’s a good idea to get up early and grab some delicious brunch nearby before you fly. This way, you can ensure you get close to the airfield before traffic in the surrounding areas builds up and you can relax knowing that you are only down the road. Afterwards, why not enjoy a drink in Ikaron, a restaurant that overlooks the runway where you can watch many private planes and helicopters take off and land. Ikaron restaurant also offers great lunch options if you want to stay longer.

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Is there anything else you should know?

You will be taken through a safety briefing before your flight so be sure to arrive early. The weather around London is often overcast and rainy. Poor visibility could mean you won’t see very much from the air and if the weather is really not suitable, your flight may have to be re-arranged for another day. We recommend booking for summer dates to give you the best chance of great photos (June to August), although clear and bright days during other parts of the year will also be enjoyable. The best advice we can offer weather-wise when it comes to the U.K. and a helicopter tour is to allow a few days around your booking date to play with in case anything unforeseen causes the need for it to be re-arranged.

This helicopter tour is a great introduction to London for visitors. It showcases some of its incredible sights and gives you a better feel for this iconic city. However, if you really want to get to know London, after your helicopter tour, get closer and start exploring on the ground. This British city is a photographer’s dream with sights on every corner and this particular tour is the best way to enjoy the sights from above. Thank you VVB Aviation for a pleasant London helicopter tour of our favourite city in the world.

Karen Rose: Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Before our helicopter ride over London

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Karen Rose: Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost

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8 thoughts on “London By Air – A Helicopter Tour

  1. Wow it must have been an incredible experience seeing all those iconic landmarks from the air. Definitely something different to do in London.


  2. This is so cool! I love seeing cities from above. London is my favourite city in the world and I try to visit as often as I can. Unfortunately, I never did a helicopter tour but its a great idea for my next visit!


  3. What a great way to see London, a city close to my heart. I’ve aways loved it when we fly into Heathrow and get put in a holding pattern over London, this would be so much better though 🙂


  4. What an amazing experience! I would love to do this tour. You get to see so many iconic spots, but you are right you need to do it on a clear day!


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