Visiting Zell am See in Winter with Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost

Visiting Zell Am See In Winter

Let The Happiness In! Lass Die Freude Rein! – Tourism Slogan

 Zell am See, Austria

A winter break in Zell am See, or any beautiful European destination, has quickly become one of our favourite types of holiday. Why? SNOW. We used to be hot-holiday folks. If the destination wasn’t warmer than the UK, no thank you! Now, we love a winter holiday and Zell am See is one of the best we’ve enjoyed.

If the old us sounds a little familiar, we urge you to try something different too. A snow holiday is fun-packed and allows you to connect with the outdoors in new and exciting ways. You don’t have to be into extreme sports, you can be the hot-chocolate-and-cosy-fire-type of winter traveller. There’s no denying that those white-blanketed photos are a magical addition to any Bucket List collection.

Read on to discover why Austria is our top choice, how to secure the best 7 night package holiday and why Zell am See in Winter is so special.

Zell am See in Winter with Transform Me Travel
Zell am See, Austria

Why Should You Choose Austria For Your Winter Holiday?

We chose Zell am See for our winter holiday because we fell in love with Austria last year when we visited its capital. Austrians show amazing hospitality to their visitors and are so in touch with their country’s true identity.

In small towns like Zell am See, you are surrounded by traditional architecture, local food and even authentic dress. It’s becoming rarer for countries to hold on to and express their heritage so proudly and this makes for a more unique experience.

From London, a 2-hour flight takes you to Salzburg, where we transferred for around 1.5 hours up the mountains to Zell am See by coach.

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Winter Holiday Packages with Neilson

You can choose to plan your Zell am See in winter trip independent of a tour company for complete flexibility. However, we found that companies such as Neilson, who we booked this holiday with, offer extremely competitive rates.

Despite our love of wandering off the beaten track and exploring at our own pace, for all our research and industry knowledge, we couldn’t beat Neilson independently for overall value for money on a 7 night package holiday to Zell am See.

Not only are Neilson fantastically priced but they are also great when visiting a destination for the first time if you like the idea of having local knowledge at your fingertips in the form of a representative as soon as you land. Package holiday companies like Neilson can also take some of the stress out of planning a trip because everything is done for you.

You may also be interested in Neilson’s COVID-19 Customer Promise.

Hotel Lebzelter in Zell am See

We stayed at the welcoming Lebzelter, a family-run hotel with great history and very friendly staff. This location was fantastic for the slopes and the lake, both just a short walk away. The dining room was spacious yet homely.

The bedrooms were cosy and well attended to. The reception was welcoming and all the walls were covered in family photographs, local history and traditional ornaments. It felt instantly Austrian, both inside and out, and we were sad to leave such a wonderful place after a week of kindness.

We stayed on a half-board basis with an excellent breakfast selection and evening meals are accompanied by an extensive salad buffet. Hotel Lebzelter went out of their way to cater for dietary requirements, without compromising too much on authentic Austrian cuisine, but bear in mind that for vegans, you may desire a little more variety than what Lebzelter can provide.

Find the best accommodation for your winter holiday in Austria.

Après Ski near Hotel Lebzelter

Once you are settled and warm in the evening, there are two bars within Hotel Lebzelter, so there’s no need to get wrapped up and go back outside if you don’t want to. If you love your après, look no further than the après ski bars right outside Hotel Lebzelter.

We highly recommend that whilst you are still well protected from the cold in your ski gear, you make a stop for a Glühwein (mulled wine) or Flügel, before heading indoors for dinner.

Book Hotel Lebzelter with for their lowest price guarantee.

Karen Rose: Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Salzburg, Austria

Non-Mountain Days in Zell am See

Zell am See in winter is a great choice if you like a little culture alongside your ski holiday, or indeed if you don’t ski at all. There are great shops, a beautiful old church and a tranquil sleeping lake. Even if you like to be on the piste every day, take one morning a little slower to enjoy your surroundings.

Wrap up warm and head to the lake edge for some phenomenal winter photographs. Step into nature for a long or short walk around the perimeter, which feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the ski area above.

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Zell am See in Winter with Transform Me Travel

Zell am See is a stunning small town that should be given a little time no matter how much you love the thrill of the mountain slopes.

Snowboarding and Skiing in Zell am See

The Zell am See ski area is set amongst beautiful alpine views that are best enjoyed in brilliant sunshine. Take the Schmittenhöhebahn gondola to the very top on a clear day for some breathtaking views and maybe a hot chocolate or two before you jump on your board/skis.

By making a purchase from one of the links on this page, a small portion of the money you spend goes to Transform Me Travel. Thank you for supporting our small business.

The gondola will also take you back down again so this is a great spot for non-skiers too. At the top of this gondola, you will find Berghotel Schmittenhöhe, a fantastic option for lunch with a varied menu. We also highly recommend coming back up to this hotel for a bit of après in the mid-afternoon when the DJ comes out to play and the sun is hanging breathtakingly low in the sky.

If you are looking for Ski-in-Ski-out accommodation, choose Berghotel Schmittenhöhe.

Our Personal Recommendation

Our ‘unmissable moment’ for boarding in Zell am See is a lunchtime stop at Berghotel Blaickner’s Sonnalm. Again, if you can, pick a bright, beautiful day. Sit outside with a warm drink or meal and soak up the incredible Austrian atmosphere.

This really is what Zell am See is all about. The right mix of flying down the mountain on your board, balanced with stunning views to be enjoyed at a more relaxed pace, before jumping back on the piste to do it all again.

Are you looking for a hotel on the slopes? Views don’t get better than those at Berghotel Blaickner’s Sonnalm.

More Ski Areas near Zell am See in Winter

If you purchase an all-area pass you can also enjoy other ski areas during your week. Zell am See is fantastic for skiing and snowboarding, but if you like to crunch the miles, you will find yourself covering the same ground so this is a must for you.

We jumped on a bus to Kaprun to ski the Kitzsteinhorn glaciers where we would recommend starting the day by heading to the very top of Salzburg. There is a great viewpoint at 3029m. As you would expect at this altitude, you really feel the cold, so pick a day with very little wind!

On your way down, make a stop at the Ice Camp where you can purchase a drink in an ice glass and admire the incredible ice sculptures.

Your all area ski pass also includes Saalbach-Hinterglem ski circus. This is a much larger ski area that can be enjoyed to vary your week in Zell am See, or as a separate holiday altogether.

Discover more fun winter activities from Salzburg now.

Useful Information for your Austrian Holiday

As we always say, attempt at least a thank you in the local tongue. Austria is German speaking but a lot of bars and hotels, cafes and restaurants are happy to speak to you in English or help with translation of menus.

It would be lazy not to try though! Danke is thank you. Bitte is please. Start the day with Guten Morgen and end it with Guten Nacht! Give it a go!

Don’t forget to check your travel insurance covers winter sports. Alternatively, purchase special winter sports travel insurance before you go.

Karen Rose: Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost
Zell am See, Austria

Why We Love Zell am See in Winter

We couldn’t get enough of Zell am See. We highly recommend it for your next winter holiday because it is such a characterful area with so much to offer both on and off the slopes. Austrians are some of the greatest people we’ve met on our travels and we’re never ready to leave an Austrian destination.

We flew with British Airways but many low-cost carriers will connect you from London to Salzburg too. Check out the most competitive rates online and jet off for some fun in the snow. And if we really haven’t convinced you of the whole ‘cold holiday’ idea, check out photos of Zell am See in the summer! It’s definitely a destination we will look to return to for more outdoor excitement. For now Austria, and only for now, Tschüss!

You could book every element of your trip with different companies or try a package holiday with Neilson.

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Karen Rose: Get Up Get Out There and Get Lost
Get Up, Get Out There & Get Lost

Our Hotel Pick: Hotel Lebzetler

Check hotel prices and availability now.


7 thoughts on “Visiting Zell Am See In Winter

  1. Beautifully written!

    I have never considered a winter holiday because skiing wasn’t my thing but after reading your blog you have certainly made me aware that I was quite closed minded and there is in fact loads of new exciting things to experience.

    Thank you Karen!

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  2. Thank you for your comment Charlotte!
    Playing in the snow is definately the best part of any winter holiday, even for people who love to ski and board. It’s just like being a kid again!


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